The Cheadle Academy

The Cheadle Baccalaureate - Year 7

TCA Aspire

Cheadle Aspire has been designed to encourage and raise engagement and challenge for our YR 7 students.

* Each department has produced a number of criteria to encapsulate an exceptional learner in their subject.

* The criteria for each department can be found by clicking on the links below.

* In each subject, pupils should complete a minimum of three out of the five criteria to be awarded the Bacc in that subject.

* These tasks will need to be completed by mid-June.

* Pupils will need to have shown/discussed their evidence with teachers before this date in order to be nominated.

* To achieve the full ‘Cheadle Baccalaureate’ pupils should aim to achieve a Bacc in 4 subjects.

* Pupils who complete the Bacc in 5 subjects will have their names placed on the Honours board.


Student Aspire Log Book

Download Your Copy of the Cheadle Aspire Log Book 


Year 7

Art & Photography

**Visit an online art exhibition and create a written report with visuals of your favourite art work, with details of the artists and designers involved. You can visit anywhere in the world online. Paris, New York, London.

** Take a black and white photograph of a beautiful landscape. Think carefully about your composition, your use of lighting and your viewpoint.

** Produce a colourful painting of 5 still life objects, this could be a selection of fruit, flowers, sports equipment, sweets etc. Place them in an interesting composition and capture their form. Collect the paper form the art department.

** Create a piece of artwork based on your favourite pop artist, think Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or Robert Indiana. Your work can be 2D or 3D.

** Make a piece of Art that is inspired by a Texture from this list : Prickly, Embossed, Encrusted, Ragged, Layered, Woven.

Computing YR7

1- Research and investigate a Computing role model – suggestions Alan Turing and Tim Berner’s Lee

2-Demonstarte the use of IT to share ideas/collaborate – suggestions Yammer Wiki

3-Create a simple game using ‘blockley’ language – suggestions Scratch

4-Help someone responsible to build or replace components in computer – suggestions Speak to friends and family.

5-Develop a website using a website editor on a topic of interest –

English YR7

* Create a diorama depicting a scene from your favourite book.

* Take a picture of yourself reading in an unusual place and write an A4 piece of writing describing your surroundings.

* Research and create a presentation of a WW1 war poet. You must include their biography, inspirations, how they crafted their poems and examples of their work analysed.

* Create a playlist of songs for a play or novel of your choice. There should be a detailed explanation of why you have chosen certain tracks.

* Read 5 fiction novels and create 5 book reviews explaining themes, characters and plot. You should also include a short biography of the author

History YR7

1. Read a historical novel and review it.

2. Visit a historical site/museum and review the experience.

3. Create a YouTube style video on an area of Medieval history not covered within lessons.

4. Watch an age-appropriate historical film and reflect on it.

5. Build a model of a Medieval castle.

Geography YR7

1. Make: Create a model of a chose river valley. Include maps and landforms.

2. Video clip: Create a Newsround clip informing people about home recycling ideas.

3. Visit: a National Trust location and write a diary page reflecting on your visit.

4. Map: On a global map annotate with facts, data and images what human and physical Geographical issues are happening around the world. Can you see a pattern?

5. Diary: Write a diary page of a water droplet travelling through the water cycle.


Board Game: design a board game in French

Display: research a famous French inventor/scientist/politician/actor/monument and create a poster in the target language.

Cooking: follow a recipe in French or for a French dish and cook it at home or school - photo and printed recipe as evidence.

Vidéo: re-create and film a scene from a Disney/Pixar film in French. You can re-interpret the dialogue as to keep the language simple!

Origami: choose a model on and complete it by following the instructions on the screen


1. Participate in a minimum of two sporting clubs/teams.

2. Watch a live sporting event (either in person or on the TV) Review the experience giving highlights – you can include photos and videos if you wish.

3. Participate in any physical activity outside of school on 3 separate occasions

4. Write a blog on your sporting role model or on your biggest sporting influence.

5. Fitness Challenge – you must produce evidence that you have completed the following:

* 25 sit ups x3 days

* 25 press ups x3 days

* 25 star jumps x3 days

* 25 arm dips x3 days

* 25 burpees x3 day

Maths YR7

* Resilience – do additional work on a topic that you have performed badly on

* Take a photograph of something mathematically interesting and explain why it is

* Research a mathematician

* Use independently – student has “Acquired” 50 key stage 3 topics

* Become a TT Rockstar – 1000 Questions completed? * Submit a solution to a problem or activity on

Food YR7

1. Cook your signature dish for friends or family, using fresh produce, and take a photograph. Collect reviews from your guests!

2. Watch an episode of a cooking programme (for example master chef) and write a review of the dishes that were created and which you would like to make and why!

3. Research and produce a meal for someone with a special dietary need, perhaps a vegetarian, someone with food intolerance or allergy.

4. Visit a food festival (a farmer’s market perhaps) and produce an interesting report which includes photographs of your experience.

5. Create a celebration cake!

Music YR7

1. Take one of my iPads to a practice room during a lunch/break time and visit the YouTube channel: (HD Piano) and try to learn one of your favourite songs on the keyboard/piano.

2. View an online live performance of one of your favourite artists / bands. Write a review of their performance commenting on the music, sound quality, stage presence and lighting.

3. Using household objects (Toilet roll tubes, tubs, unused pots etc…) create your very own instrument. It must be able to play a variety of sounds or notes.

4. Plan your very own musical concert which will showcase 3 of your favourite bands/artists (4 maximum). You need to create a poster which advertises the concert, names all of the artists/bands playing, the address of the venue that it will be held at and the price it costs for a ticket.

5. Take a famous song and write new lyrics! The lyrics can be about anything that is important to you, for example: your friends or family, your favourite food, climate change, life during lockdown.

Resistant Materials, Graphics YR 7

1. Make a prototype of an idea from any media [e.g. - card, wood, modelling clay or Lego]

2. Show evidence in photograph form at home using workshop equipment skills taught in school.

3. Be able to describe and demonstrate knowledge of how a product works using technical words.

4. Produce a design using CAD “Sketch Up” and explore the theme which is outside the school curriculum design it and annotate it exploring how it works and how it could be improved. Further develop the idea from these amendments.

5. Take part in a competition where you have to make a 3-dimensional model

Science YR7

1-Make your own universal indicator and test substances found in the home that may be acidic or alkaline.

2-Produce a powerpoint with pictures that explains how to make the universal indicator. Also pictures of each of the results from the substances that were tested should be included.

3-Watch a documentary by Sir David Attenborough Produce a report and summary on the documentary that is one side of A4.

4-Make a scientific model to explain a concept in science. A physical model is created that is then used to explain a key scientific concept.

5-Research a key scientific figure. Produce a report that gives a biographic look at a scientist, a timeline of their life and the key discoveries that they made. Conduct an investigation into the effects of colour on the rate of melting ice.