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Welcome to the Year 9 preferences page for 2024.


Your subject preferences are an important milestone in your educational journey. For the first time, you will be making decisions about the subjects that you would like to study in year 10 + 11. We aim to give you the best possible advice and guidance to support you. It is important that you think carefully so that you make the correct choices.



Before making your preferences, gather as much information as you can. Read through this booklet—it will help you to decide which the courses we offer that are suitable for you. Talk to your parents and your teachers; think about your        ambitions for your career or for further study.



During the next two years of your education, you will have to work very hard. Choosing subjects that are right for you will help you to stay motivated and enable you to enjoy your studies. We are here to support you in your choices so that you can make the most of the opportunities available to you and ultimately be proud of your accomplishments.



What you study at Key Stage 4 should open up opportunities for you when you reach 16, 18 and beyond as you decide which pathway to follow.   It is essential that you prioritise subjects that will give you the best choice in the future.  You need to achieve 5 good GCSEs (Grade 9-5) or BTECs (Level 2 Pass or better) including English and Maths in order to   continue to Sixth Form or to enrol on most Level 3 courses at Further Education Colleges.