The Cheadle Academy

Standards Centre

Our standards centre provides a range of support and provisions for the students who work with us.

Pupil Passports:

It is important to create a range of opportunities to allow for pupil voice, consultation and contribution. 

Pupil passports and One page profiles are brief and usually include:

  • * information about the pupil and a photograph
  • * Additional information in the students own words to help teachers work with them
  • * Practical strategies and tips to support the student
  • * Additional support the student receives, for example from our hub or teaching assistant support. 
  • * Access arrangements such as extra time, a reader/scribe
  • * A summary of key information for ease of reference.

When a student has greater need it is important that a more detailed plan is populated as well as looking into provision and professional support.  We use the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ format and hold regular meetings that the outcomes link directly into the pupils Personal Support Plan. 

The work of the Standards Centre includes working with our students to make:


  • Modifications to physical access and the physical environment;
  • Modifications to curriculum access and curriculum content;
  • Provide an specialist equipment to assist with learning and access.
  • Support with social and emotional needs.


How do we know if students need extra support?


Students need help when:

  • Concerns are raised by parents/ carers, the child, teachers, a child’s previous school or via other agencies
  • Tracking of attainment indicates a lack of progress, slow progress or low achievement
  • There is a change in the child’s behaviour

 The Standards Centre also provides a base for external agencies who visit the academy to deliver those more specialist interventions

What additional services and expertise may be available to my child?

Autism Outreach Team


School Nurse

Educational Psychologist Service

Speech and Language Therapy

Health Visitor

Behaviour Support Service

PDSS (Physical Devt support services)

Social Services

Midlands Psychology

Hearing Support Team

Community Paediatrician

Local Support Team

Visually Impaired Support Team

Family Support Service

YESS- Youth Emotional Support

Education Welfare Officer

Occupational Therapy