The Cheadle Academy

Numeracy across the curriculum


Every curriculum area at The Cheadle Academy plays a role in nurturing and improving students' numeracy skills.


We know both numeracy and literacy help students in life beyond TCA and therefore we actively explore opportunities throughout our curriculum planning that allow our students to develop confidence using numbers and show them how numeracy can help with all aspects of life both within and beyond school. 


We aim to foster students problem-solving methodologies and use numeracy in developing every students thought processes. Key areas we focus on are


  • Allowing students to make informed decisions grounded in logical thought and sound reasoning.
  • Resolving problems
  • Interpreting data, charts, and diagrams
  • Verifying solutions
  • Processing information


A useful resource where you can find out more about numeracy and also allow you to explore the links between number confidence and work is the National Numeracy website:-


 How can parents help?

Be positive about maths. Try not to say things like "I can't do maths" or "I hated maths at school" – your child may start to think like that themselves.

Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving numbers and measuring, such as shopping, cooking and travelling.

 Praise your child for effort rather than for being "clever". This shows them that by working hard, they can always improve.