The Cheadle Academy

Oh what a week!

The last week of term is set to become one of frantic fundraising and fabulous fun: from reaping rewards to reindeer racing, from an amazing and very brave head shave to a whole host of happenings. Students of The Cheadle Academy, their teachers, families and friends, who have already tirelessly raised money for many charities this year, will once again and in true Christmas spirit, swell the coffers of several much deserving charities: Douglas Macmillan Cancer, Lepra and Save the Children. The week is dedicated to and in honour of Mr Beverley


On Monday 12th December, Mr Beverley’s wife, Lisa, will be joining us at The Cheadle Academy as Mrs Rhodes, Lead for Science, will be completing a sponsored head shave to raise money for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice. On the Just Giving page set up by Mrs Rhodes, she quite rightly describes Mr Beverley as ‘an inspirational man and loved by many. He will be missed by all those who were fortunate enough to have known him’. To sponsor Mrs Rhodes please go to

Mr Adam Edwards, Lead for PE, told the Spotlight: ‘The buzz created around the Academy in the breaks and lunchtimes that follow, as students continue to raise money in a variety of innovative ways, will provide a perfect lasting memory of Mr Beverley’.

So it is that the Reindeer Grand National will provide the climax of a very busy week, as tutor groups create a veritable stable of racing Rudolfs that will take to the polished turf of the Sports Barn on Friday’s Rewards Day. Every student that has banked achievement points will be eligible to participate in the day’s events and a full racing round up will be provided in the next Spotlight!