The Cheadle Academy

Commonwealth Mural – A very exciting project!

The story so far!

On the 12th March 2018 our local schools and community got together for the official Commonwealth Day, flag raising ceremony.  I attended the ceremony and was impressed by the event, and the commitment of the schools and staff as a whole.  In the post flag raising gathering where we were discussing the theme for the year.  Sarah Booth, Lead for Transition and Community, from The Cheadle Academy, suggested it would be great for the various schools to get together to produce a Commonwealth-themed mural and display it in our town.

This for me seemed to be a fantastic idea, the old brain cells started to fire, and in short order, Sarah and myself got together to discuss the possibility of making it happen.

It always amazes me that when a project like this comes along that involves the community, in this case our schools, there is a great spirit of willingness of others to get involved. Various businesses, community leaders and individuals are getting together to fund this project, all will be invited to the unveiling.

So the result is that on Friday 15th June 2018, we will be erecting a mural containing 6 panels on the Commonwealth 2018 theme of ‘Towards a Common Future’.  The mural will be on the side of the Market Square.  Some preparation work will be done in the schools, but the artwork will be finished on site from 10.30am with the official unveiling at 12.30pm.

Sarah has been working with the schools to establish who does what, in line with this year's theme, and everything is proceeding at a pace.  As a result there is a full plan in place and we can be confident the schools will deliver on the day.

We are looking forward to a fantastic event on the 15th June 2018 and would like to invite everyone to join us on the day.  Our picture shows preparing the boards: Y9 students Max Page, Harley Clayton, Leah Jackson, Chelsea Wilson.

Cllr D. Page.

Further information: Sarah Booth   01538 493900