The Cheadle Academy

Commonwealth 2017

The Mayor’s Procession for Commonwealth Day – Monday 13th March 2017

Theme: ‘A peace-building Commonwealth’

Working closely with The Cheadle Academy and their partner schools, The Mayor of Cheadle, Phillip Routledge, marched with young people from the locality to the Market Place on Monday 13th March, in order to raise the Commonwealth Flag.  The theme for 2017’s Commonwealth Day was ‘A peace-building Commonwealth’.  Two students from each Year Group, from Year 1 to Moorlands Sixth Form College, who had been nominated by their schools for their commitment to group work and support for their peers, joined The Mayor’s Procession.

The route that the flag and students took was:  Start 8.50 am Moorlands Sixth Form College – 9.00 am The Cheadle Academy –  9.15am Cheadle Primary – 9.25 am Bishop Rawle (where The Mayor will join the procession) – 9.45 am Lulworth House.  Outlying primary school partners from St Werburgh’s, The Valley, Dilhorne, Great Wood, and St. John ’s Wetley Rocks joined the Mayor’s Procession at Cheadle Primary, together with other local organisations.

On this special occasion, the flag was carried by the students to Lulworth House.  The Commonwealth Affirmation  was read out before the raising of the Commonwealth Flag.  Cheadle Town Council kindly hosted a Reception following the flag raising ceremony, at Lulworth House.

The ‘learning outcomes’ for students involved in this activity are many: students will explore the key theme of ‘A peace-building Commonwealth’ and associated ideas behind Commonwealth thinking:  ‘Friendship, Equality and Diversity’.  They will gain knowledge of who is in the Commonwealth and the contribution made by members.  Each school was presented with a Resource Pack that can be used either in Assemblies or during SMSC/PSHE time.  Students will be taking information gleaned about The Commonwealth back to their schools and to their peers. In June, students will reunite at The Cheadle Academy to share with the wider community how they have indeed spread the Commonwealth message of ‘peace-building’ throughout their College, Academy and schools.

Commonwealth facts:  The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent and equal sovereign states. It is home to 2.2 billion citizens, of which over 60% are under the age of 30. The Commonwealth includes some of the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries, spanning five regions. Thirty-one of its members are small states, many of them island nations.  Commonwealth countries are supported by an active network of more than 80 intergovernmental, civil societies, cultural and professional organizations

Sarah Booth from The Cheadle Academy said : ‘It is very important to share together in this important day. The schools’ support for what the Commonwealth seeks to promote is outstanding.  The students, of all ages, are showing their commitment to the importance of inclusivity and peace-building through their eager participation. I look forward to the student-led forums that we shall be holding in June, as we discover how they have spread this message further.’

For further Commonwealth information on today’s events or what the Commonwealth stands for: #Commonwealth4Peace  or check out