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It’s for you! From Antarctica!

November 2017

At The Cheadle Academy they’ve been communicating with friends in cold places.  Thirty  students from year 9 together with the Cheadle Sixth Form took part in a live phone call all the way from Antarctica with a researcher from the British Antarctic Survey.

Students were able to find out about the work of Dr Peter Convey- a terrestrial ecologist who has spent 25 years working for the British Antarctic Survey and in a wide range of polar environments.

Students asked about Climate change, the challenges of living in Antarctica and the wildlife and environment that are to be found there.

The event was part of the BAS outreach programme to coincide with Antarctica Day on 1st December. They have given selected schools the opportunity to chat to their researchers and find out about Antarctica. The Cheadle Academy was honoured to be selected.

Lead for Science, Tara Cooke said, ‘we found out about the opportunity as I have a friend from University who spent some time working for BAS in Antarctica, I then contacted BAS to see if we could take part.  It was an excellent opportunity for our students to hear about scientific opportunities in a remote part of the world’.

Ella Thornley  (Y9) said, ‘It was brilliant, we heard about evidence for climate change; how humans and animals survive in Antarctica, and the work of a wide range of scientific fields in the continent from space science to ecology!’  Denim Adewumni (Y9) added, ‘it was really inspiring and aspirational, it made me think about the broad range of opportunities that studying science can offer’.

Further information about the British Antarctic Survey can be found at: and for further information about Peter Convey,

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