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Careers and IAG is co-ordinated at The Cheadle Academy by Mr R Hall

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IAG and Economic Wellbeing

At The Cheadle Academy we deliver highly regarded IAG and Economic Wellbeing curriculum activities and have created excellent networks and connections with the private sector.

Students should be better prepared for life when they leave school as well as being academically competent.


Parents and Students may find it useful to visit the following website for advice and guidance.



At The Cheadle Academy we deliver activities that achieve the following:

  • identify the main qualities and skills to enter and thrive in the working world assess,
  • undertake and manage risk take action to improve their chances in their career
  • manage change and transition

  • develop approaches to working with others, problem-solving and action planning

  • understand and apply skills and qualities for enterprise

  • demonstrate and apply understanding of economic ideas


In addition to this we also focus on Financial Capability, and students should be able to:

  • manage their money
  • understand financial risk and reward

  • explain financial terms and products

  • identify how finance will play an important part in their lives and in achieving their aspirations


These are achieved in a number of ways, including:


Industry Day


Every year we run a successful ‘Industry Day’ for our Year 10 students.


Our purpose is to provide our students with a series of team building and problem solving exercises which are placed in an industry/business context. We place them in groups, each with a professional adviser from a local company.


The previous success of this enterprise was due in no small part, to the generous support from local businesses. It is the involvement of the local business and industrial community that provides the programme with relevance in the eyes of our students.



Careers Conventions.


Over 30 Further and Higher Education providers, training providers and employers available to provide advice and guidance on careers and qualifications.


Essential to all Year 10 and 11 students, so as to assess the options available after leaving school, and a good idea for Year 9 students to gain valuable information ahead of option choices for GCSE subjects.


“Fit for Finance”


Using staff and resources from the Britannia Building Society, students learn about all aspects of finance through a range of activities and group work, from credit cards to stocks and shares.


“Fast Tomato”


Students have full access to careers guidance programmes online and these programmes are designed to create personalised questions in order to provide guidance on what careers would suit the student’s personality and interests.


Enterprise Day


Students have the opportunity to practise the skills needed to run a successful company. They take over a business that manufactures vehicles and their task is to run their company as successfully as they can.


They need to choose the right people to carry out the important roles and think through problems before taking action. They will complete a ‘Business Plan’ and keep ‘Financial Records’ which must be accurate. Each team creates a business plan with all of the information needed to carry out the activities.


Young Driver


We have very good connections with the Young Driver initiative that provides driving lessons for 11 – 17 year olds. We have secured discounts for our students and have even been provided free lessons for some.


Organised trips to the driving locations are being organised and this demonstrates the holistic approach to being prepared for life that IAG at The Cheadle Academy takes.


 Links with local businesses.


We also have developed links with the local business community. This is through networks as well as student activities.


As a result of this we have active involvement from local businesses, from delivering CV training through to Enterprise sponsorship.


The Cheadle Academy is very active in local employer engagement and has employer engagement events at the school and also attended events on behalf of the students. The Cheadle Academy has a high profile with local companies and this proves beneficial to students.

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