Faculty of Creative Design

Leader for Creative Design  Community & Transition, /Teacher of Drama: Mr A Edwards - aedwards@thecheadleacademy.co.uk

Teacher of Creative Design: Mrs L Coles - lcoles@thecheadleacademy.co.uk

Teacher of Art, Textiles & Photography - Mrs S Knowles - sknowles@thecheadleacademy.co.uk

Teacher of Product Design - Mrs J Kidd-Chadwick jkidd-chadwick@thecheadleacademy.co.uk

Technician - Mr T Potts tpotts@thecheadleacademy.co.uk

Department Overview

A new and exciting faculty that has recently been formed, joining together Art, Photography, Art Textiles, Product Design, Food, Drama and Music.
Art, Photography and Art Textiles are taught in two open plan classrooms that are full of creativity. Students are taught a range of skills and are encouraged to work independently. Work of all ages is often displayed and celebrated all over the school.

The school is lucky enough to have its own theatre where practical lessons for Drama are often taught and performances for the rest of the school and outside bodies take place.

The Music department allows our students to develop their practical and performance skills. Students are exposed to a variety of traditional, cultural and contemporary approaches.

Food and Nutrition lessons have been organised so that students can be introduced to a variety of cultural and traditional dishes and can demonstrate a further understanding through their practical responses. Students produce some stunning dishes, while working in this safe environment.

This year we are excited to introduce Product Design, which allows student to work from independent briefs and show an understanding of a design concept through their written and practical responses. Students will be allowed to develop and create their final designs concepts into 3-dimensional forms.




 Food Preparation & Nutrition


 Product Design