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Business Studies

Whilst undertaking a course in Business Studies it is our intention that students demonstrate an economic understanding of the business and its external environment. Students will develop a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value. They will study business behaviour from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders including customers, managers, creditors, owners and employees. In order to do this, students will acquire a range of skills, including decision-making and problem solving in the light of evaluation and the quantification and management of information. Business studies is a dynamic subject, and this is reflected in our study of current events. We always seek to make students aware of the current structure of business and business practice, as reflected in events and issues affecting organisations in different sectors and environments; recognising that they face different degrees of competition.


Students will gain a range of skills that are essential in later life, including:

  • Understanding and use business and economic vocabulary.
  • Drawing meaning from text, numerical and graphical information to explain the business and economic situations which will be encountered in daily adult life.
  • An awareness of the implications of business activity for the individual, local, national and international communities and the environment.
  • Reasoning clearly and logically and to set out a rational argument.
  • Critically evaluate alternative choices and decisions.

Key Stage 4

Students have the opportunity to choose to study Business Studies when taking their options.

The course we offer is:

BTEC Tech Award Enterprise 

Click here to view the specification for this qualification (Y11 only 2022-2023)

Click here to view the updated specification for this qualification (Students beginning the course from September 2022).

Curriculum Overview

Students will study three units:

Unit 1 – Exploring Enterprises

Learners will examine different local enterprises to develop their knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of enterprises and the skills needed by entrepreneurs.

 Assessment of this unit will be via an internally assessed assignment and will make up 30% of the overall grade achieved.


Unit 2 – Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

Learners will individually select an idea for a micro-enterprise activity to plan and pitch. They will individually pitch their business plan for their idea to an audience and then use the feedback to review their plan and pitch.

Assessment of this unit will be via an internally assessed assignment and will make up 30% of the overall grade achieved.


Unit 3 - Promotion and Finance for Enterprise

Learners will explore the different promotional methods used by enterprises and the factors that influence how enterprises identify and target their market. Learners will explore financial documents and how to use them to monitor and improve the performance of an enterprise in order to make decisions and recommend strategies for success.


Please click here to view more information about this course.


Key Stage 5

Students may progress to study a Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business.

Click here for a link to the specification for this qualification.

Specification - Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business

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Extra-curricular opportunities


Students get the chance to work with and visit Higher Educational providers to experience their facilities and see how the subject extends beyond their studies.

Students have the opportunity to undertake vocational projects set by external organisations and work closely with them

Students have the opportunity to take part in Young Investor competitions

Options Information

KS4 Enterprise

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