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Please follow the link below to access performance data through the website. You may also want to look at this publication produced by the Department for Education that gives advice and guidance around the reformed GCSE's.

Top facts about the new GCSEs

Compare school and college performance (The Cheadle Academy)

Key Stage 4 & 5 Examination Results

Key Stage 4
2021 2020 2019 2018
Average Total Attainment 8 42.64 48.53 41.66 46.06
Students Achieving 9-5 in English and Maths 43.0 42.6 26.0 36.4
Students Achieving 9-4 in English and Maths 59.3 64.9 49.3 59.7
Average Points Score Per EBacc Slot 3.77 4.29 3.61 3.59
Key Stage 5
L3 Overall Average Points per Entry 38.14 38.12 24.08 28.36
L3 Overall Average Grade B- B- D+ C
A Level Average Points per Entry 38.84 39.46 24.06 28.09
A Level Average Grade B= B= D+ C-
Applied General Average Points per Entry 34.38 32.31 24.2 30.38
Applied General Average Grade Dist= Dist- M Dist-

 Please follow this link to the DfE pages for our KS4 results.

Please follow this link to the DfE page for our KS5 results.

Pupil Destinations (data published in January 2018 for pupils who completed secondary education in 2017).


Percentage of Pupils (The Cheadle Academy)

Percentage of Pupils (National Figure)

Pupils staying in education or employment for at least two terms after KS4



Pupils staying in education for at least two terms after KS4



Pupils attending further education college or other further education provider



Pupils attending school sixth form college



Pupils attending sixth form




Pupils staying in Apprenticeships for at least 6 months after KS4



Pupils staying in employment for at least two terms after KS4



Pupils not staying in education or employment for at least two terms after KS4




Understanding the new GCSEs

Over the past two years, GCSE course have been changing, as the government rolls out a series of changes. The main differences that students and teachers have been adjusting to include:

-          New grading scale, using 9-1, with 9 being the top grade,

-          Assessment is mainly by exams at the end of the course,

-          More demanding content.


The new grading system

The content of the new GCSEs is very different and there will not be a simple and direct way to compare the new grading system to the old GCSE A*-G grades. However to ensure that the new system is fair, the percentages of students gaining particular grades will remain the same. So for example, the same proportion of students that gained an A or A* in the old GCSEs will now gain a grade 7 or above.

The government’s definition of ‘a good GCSE Pass’ will be set at a Grade 5, which will be equivalent to a high grade C. The new grade 9 will be awarded to only the very top students in the country, for exceptional performance.


 Useful Information

Structure of new GCSES video
Making the Grade.  A guide to awarding video


Our Exams Officer is:
Mrs S Barker
Examination and Data Officer
Telephone: 01538 493900
Exam Centre Number: The Cheadle Academy - 30120

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