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Welcome to the SEND department at The Cheadle Academy. We hope that you will find this section of the website useful 



  Our Aims at The Cheadle Academy

  • To reduce barriers to progress and learning.
  • To ensure that partnership with parents / carers plays a key role in supporting their child’s education and enabling them to achieve their potential.
  • To support parents / carers through the process of informing them of need, transition and adjustment to evidence high levels of satisfaction and partnership.
  • To ensure SEND students are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, including an appropriate alternative curriculum and 14-19 pathways.
  • To ensure SEND students have full access to all academy activities so far as it is reasonably practical and relates to the student’s needs.
  • To work in partnership with external agencies to meet the needs of the student including looked after children who have SEND needs
  • To ensure there is a smooth transition at each transition stage for the student
  • Ensure that teachers in the academy are aware of the importance of identifying, and providing for, those students who have SEND.
  • To ensure a high level of staff expertise to meet pupil need, through well targeted continuing professional development.
  • The views of the students are sought and taken into account. 


Roll Details

Mr B Adamson

SEND Governor

Mr Adamson is the a head teacher in a local primary school and Vice Chair at The Cheadle Academy. Mr Adamson has a vast knowledge and experience in education and is the SEND leader for the local Primary Moorlands Federation.

Mr C Hadley

Assistant Principal Inclusion


I am delighted to introduce myself as the Assistant Principal for Inclusion at The Cheadle Academy.

 I am responsible for the strategic direction of SEND, looked after children and safeguarding.

I have worked at The Cheadle Academy as both a member of support staff and then as a teacher for over 20 years.

Within the SEND team I lead on the strategic development of the SEND policy and provision in order to ensure the achievement of all children with SEND.

I am proud to be working with such a dedicated and pro-active team of professionals who are dedicated to SEND and always striving for the best outcomes of our students.

Mrs S Halden-Evans


Hello! My name is Sara Halden-Evans and I am the SENCO at The Cheadle Academy. In my role, I am responsible for leading our very professional team of support staff including Teaching Assistants and Personal Welfare Support Assistants and ensuring that the classes, groups and individual students receive the help and support that they need to continue to make progress.

Prior to this role I was a teacher for 10 years with a special interest in dyslexia, autism and all social communication difficulties and needs arising as a result of attachment and trauma.

Day to day, I ensure that the operational requirements (from the SEND policy) are implemented in school, with a special focus on how we measure the impact of the support that the team provides. Every day is different, and very best of all I get to meet many students and their families, find out what support might help and bring these ideas to life. It’s wonderful to see a student finally able to do something that they they thought was not possible. 


You can find me in The Learning Centre


Mrs S Smith

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Watson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Haller

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Day

Teaching Assistant

Ms L Hankin 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Norbury

Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Ray

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Budd

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Rowe

HL Teaching Assistant

 Mrs L Wood

HL Teaching Assistant

 Mrs K Tellwright

HL Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Walley

HL Teaching Assistant